Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lasting Memories Class

Seems like its been a little while since my last entry. Excited to be teaching at Lasting Memories Spring Retreat in Danbury, CT on March 14th. Scheduled to do two classes. One - the metal book as seen on Tim's blog using Ten Seconds Studio products. It is the cutest thing. I got special permission to do this class. Once you play with these tools and the metal - you are totally hooked. Leandra from Paper Artsy did a cool Taco Tuesday video. If you haven't watched the Taco Tuesday tutorials - they are another must. So funny and full of inspiration.

Anyway... back on track with upcoming classes. This is a picture of the other class - I am not the best at coming up with cleaver names so for the lack of ... whatever... This is the Accordion Book of Tags Class. It was a lot of fun to make - I should say build as the book is built from the bottom up with three accordion sections. Pretty cool. Uses Collage Press papers.
All of this just days after returning from Bora Bora! Leaving soon - can't wait!!!! We decided to postpone the honeymoon just a bit - now - could really use the vacation. Will be sure to post pictures when we get back

Monday, February 2, 2009

Design Team Submissions

I finally took the plunge and decided this is the year to get up some nerve and apply to a design team. I have never done so before because I always think - am I really that good? Always amazed by how many talented people there are out there. Could I really be one of them? Hubby said - "what do you have to lose? Do you want our kids thinking their mom was too scared to give something a try because she might not make it?" While we don't have kids yet, he was right. I put my pride aside and said - I am giving this a try. I saw Spellbinders posted that they are in the process of chosing new design team members... What better company to try and go out for their team? This is a picture of one of the projects I used for my entry. So - keep your fingers crossed. All I can do is hope.