Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good Weekend

It was nice to see some old friends from YHP thi spast weekend at the crop in East Northport. Great friend Michelle spent the entire day helping me man our booth. So nice to have someone to help and talk to all day.

Busy working on new classes and kits. Will keep everyone posted. The lastest is a 6"x12" book using Chatterbox's new line - Fabulous. Loving it!!! This one is one I finished last week - so much fun. It's a book for secrets or anything else. The lock even works. :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

COPIC Certified

It's official, Michelle and I are COPIC certified! We headed down to Camp Hill, PA this weekend for the certification course taught by Sally Lynn. For those of you who don't know Sally Lynn, she is quite theatrical. Always entertaining to take one of her classes. She filled us with a lot of info and had a chance to play around. Can't wait to place an order and get cracking on some great artwork and great classes. Will be sure to post some ideas and techniques but the masters are Sally Lynn and Marianne Walker. You are sure to get a real art class by visiting their blogs.
And right before heading down to PA, I ventured up to CT to teach two classes at the Lasting Memories retreat in Danbury. Always fun to catch up with Julie and Barb. They have the nicest customers. It had been a while coordinating schedules so glad I got to see everyone. Taught the metal embossing book - still one of my favorite techniques at the moment.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Honeymoon is over - literally

Can't wait to post some pictures from our Honeymoon. It was great! We had such an awesome time in Moorea and Bora Bora. Two weeks of heaven! Now it is back to work and reality but such is life. Good news is we didn't get sick of each other and are still happy as ever together!
The flights were long and traveling is never easy. Poor Dan and those long legs. We got pretty lucky on the flight back from Tahiti because the steward let us have the bulk head row. Thank goodness because the 8 hour flight to LAX would have been very tough for Dan who's legs were so pressed up against the seat in front of him.
Bora Bora has the most amazing water you have ever seen. Every shade of blue. Practically unreal. Moorea has some of the most magnificent views. It's a mountainous island covered in green. We took a tour that gave us views from the top. Amazing! And as we kept being reminded - if you have ever seen the movie - Mutany on the Bounty (either version) - both were filmed there. I haven't seen it so....
Will post some pictures soon once we get all settled and I have a chance to upload. But speaking of photos - thanks to Karen Russell - I think we will have some great memories. Just got through taking her online photography class. Stongly reccomend to anyone who wants to improve their skills or simply wants to learn what all the buttons on your DSLR do (like me). Great course! So much info that was broken down in an easy to understand maner. Can't say enough about it - really.